Monday, May 23, 2011

Nanook v0.2 : a first release soon of the C++ chess engine.

I finished a basic version of Nanook chess v0.2 (C++) using alpha-beta algorithm, quiescent search / zobrist keys, with a very basic evaluation function. I tested against last version of Nanook and the engine seems to be working well, very stable.
I was working for 1 week only with the code optimization (Board / Moves generator), and now this part of the code is much quicker than previous version v0.17 (reaching around 1.000.000 nps for now - should go slower with move ordering implementation), before to release a first version of this new engine developed from scratch, I need to implements the following points :

- Ordering moves (mixing killer/history/static)
- Evaluation function at least equal to the previous version
- managing opening/final positions
- time management
- Performing alpha-beta

I have some more ideas to do after adding they tasks, but I will implement it after a first release.

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